Portrait Photograph of Joshua Hyman

Joshua Hyman

Director, UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility

UW Biotechnology Center

Joshua Hyman’s current position is Director of the DNA Synthesis and Sequencing Facility at the UW–Madison Biotechnology Center. His formal training includes a doctorate in genetics (Penn State University), an MBA (University of Washington–Seattle), and a BS in mechanical engineering (University of Michigan). His work experience is varied, from designing bird strike resistant wind shields for fighter aircraft to plant breeding to owning and running a restaurant.


High Throughput DNA Sequencing and its Impact on our World

What happens when we can sequence everything? Researchers can now sequence the full genome of an individual, every letter of the DNA in a person’s chromosomes, in days, not years, for a cost of five thousand dollars. This will soon be possible in hours and for a cost of a thousand dollars or less. Equipment required to perform DNA sequencing will gradually become smaller and will eventually become portable, moving it into the clinics and out into the field. After a brief overview of the technologies behind high throughput sequencing, we will explore the impact of the knowledge we can gain from it on our health, on our environment, and on the food we grow and eat.

Approximate Length of Talk: 45 minutes to 1 hour