Portrait Photograph of Jordan Ellenberg

Jordan Ellenberg


College of Letters & Science l Department of Mathematics

Jordan Ellenberg is a number theorist whose popular articles about mathematics have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Slate.


“…you have an incredible ability to take a complex subject, break it down, make it understandable, yet present it in a dynamic and interesting manner.” – James R. Anderson III, PhD, Community & Economic Development Educator, UW Extension


  • This talks discusses the correlation between math and elections.

  • In most US states, Wisconsin included, legislators draw the boundaries of the districts they are elected from, and thus retain a great deal of personal influence in the outcome of elections.  The practice of drawing district lines with the goal of benefiting one political party over the others is called gerrymandering; I’ll explain how computational and political developments have made this a bigger problem than ever before, and how new developments in math are helping fix it.