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Jonathan Rebelsky

Analytical Chemistry PhD Candidate

College of Letters and Science | Department of Chemistry

Jonathan Rebelsky is an Analytical Chemistry PhD Candidate in the Department of Chemistry. Jonathan earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Grinnell College in Music and Chemistry and works in the Widicus Weaver lab studying prebiotic ions and radicals in the interstellar medium.


When The Sky Turns Dark

Four eclipses will soon cross over much of North America, including large swaths of the United States. In order, these are a partial solar eclipse on October 14, a partial lunar eclipse on October 28, a penumbral lunar eclipse on March 25, and a total solar eclipse on April 8 (the first since 2017).

Understanding the Universal Music

Since Pythagoras, scientists and philosophers have seen connections between periodic motions, whether in the different orbital periods of planets or in the notes of a scale. Today, that same mathematics underlies fields as diverse as tuning theory in music and quantum mechanics.

The Darkness Sings

This talk is an introduction and exploration of the Interstellar Medium, the region between stars. It includes what we know about the region, how we know it, and what knowledge of the Interstellar Medium tells us about life on Earth.