Portrait Photograph of John Yin

John Yin

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

College of Engineering | Chemical and Biological Engineering

Hometown: Kensington, Maryland

John Yin is a faculty member at UW-Madison, where he teaches courses in chemical and biological engineering. Outside of the classroom, he and his student co-workers pursue two main questions: what are plausible mechanisms for the origins of life?; and how could we make your health predictable, like the weather? Their pursuit entails building computational models and testing them with laboratory experiments (including work with viruses).


The Chemical Origins of Life

What is life? How did life emerge? How could one create conditions in the lab for life-like materials to arise from simple chemicals? This talk will share our first steps to find answers.

How do viruses grow and spread?

Like humans, viruses carry genomes that encode their functions and behaviors. We are pursuing computational and experimental studies to better understand how the genomes of viruses work, how the enable viruses to grow and spread, and ultimately how they make us sick. This talk will share recent progress, including a novel strategy to flatten the COVID-19 curve.