Photograph of Jill Thein-Nissenbaum

Jill Thein-Nissenbaum

Associate Professor/Staff Physical Therapist for the Badgers

School of Medicine and Public Health l Physical Therapy Program

Hometown: Carroll, IA

Jill is a physical therapist and athletic trainer and a board-certified sports physical therapist. Her area of expertise is the female athlete across the lifespan- from adolescents to master’s athletes and the conditions that are unique to the female. Some of these conditions include bone acquisition (avoiding bone loss), hypermobility syndromes (“too loose”) and injury prevention for the ACL.


Bone Health Throughout the Lifespan

The purpose of this talk is to discuss the importance of peak bone acquisition for females during adolescence and identify strategies for optimal accrual. We will discuss various strategies to maintain and/or improve bone mass throughout the lifespan to keep the female athlete healthy and active.

The Female Athlete and Hypermobility

Many females have systemic hypermobility (muscles and joints that are “too loose”) which can negatively impact exercise and activity. This talk will discuss the diagnosis and management of hypermobility syndromes.

Sports Specialization in Youth
Participation in youth sports has become somewhat specialized at an early age . We will discuss the negative impact early sports specialization has on athletes and how to encourage activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle.