Jerry Yin, a man with white hair and a dark blue shirt, standing in front of a grassy and tree-filled landscape and a blue sky.

Jerry Yin


School of Medicine and Public Health | Laboratory of Genetics, Neurology Department

Hometown: Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY

Jerry Yin received his BA from Princeton University, his PhD from UW-Madison (molecular biology), and did post-doctoral work at MIT and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He was promoted to Assistant Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 1995, and moved (back) to UW-Madison in 2004 as a Professor. He has also worked for the University in China.

Dr. Yin’s talks can also be offered in Mandarin.


Flies R Us - Memory Consolidation in Fruit Flies

Common molecules, mechanisms during memory consolidation (including circadian biology and sleep)

UW and the Wisconsin Idea in China (1914 onward)

How UW shaped higher education in the People’s Republic of China from 1912-now (Boxer Indemnity Fund, Yichun Zhou, Tsinghua University, Shain scholars)

Why circadian, sleep and memory abnormalities are common features of many diseases

Circadian, sleep and memory problems are often prodromal symptoms prior to the subsequent diagnoses of disease.