Portrait Photograph of Jeff Wendorf

Jeff Wendorf

Vice President of Advancement

Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

As the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association’s Vice President of Advancement, Jeff Wendorf is responsible for growing relationships with alumni, donors and organizations that support the achievement of engagement and fundraising goals. He oversees or serves as an advisor for regional and campus-based outreach programs to help cultivate and steward high influence/high impact alumni volunteers and potential donors. He is a member of the WFAA advancement leadership team, serves as staff liaison to the Athletic Department and the Office of Enrollment Management and is a primary contact for UW-Madison Advancement Deans. He also directs and manages the WAA’s stewardship and development efforts and played a leadership role in the fundraising and development of the transformational Alumni Park project. A UW-Madison graduate of the Business School and a thirty-two year veteran in advancement with UW-Madison and WFAA, Jeff has cultivated and maintained many valuable connections and developed strong alliances on campus, in the Madison community and around the world. He has been recognized nationally for his leadership and contributions by the Council of Advancement Support of Education and the Council of Alumni Association Executives as a Forman Fellow.


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Donors & Partnerships; Turning Volunteers into Donors

In my talk titled “Donors & Partnerships: Turning Volunteers into Donors,” I will delve into the transformative power of successful volunteer engagement in fostering a robust culture of philanthropy within organizations. Volunteers and board members not only set a crucial leadership example for philanthropy but also emerge as advocates for the value of fundraising. Drawing on a three and a half decades of organizational experience, this session will spotlight the effective efforts undertaken to engage volunteer leaders in fundraising, with a special emphasis on the pivotal role played by committee and board members. Attendees can expect insights into specific strategies, tools, and resources that have played a key role in our notable success, providing practical guidance for leveraging volunteer engagement to enhance philanthropic initiatives.