Portrait Photograph of James H Conway

James Conway

Professor of Pediatrics

School of Medicine & Public Health l Department of Pediatrics

Hometown: Madison, WI

Dr James H Conway is a professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases. His primary area of interest is centered on vaccine development and strengthening immunization programs, both domestic and international.  He is Medical Director for UW Health Immunization Programs and is currently providing oversight for UW Health COVID-19 vaccine logistics including storage and prioritization, as well as serving in the Emergency Operations Committee for the University of Wisconsin System.  He is involved in multiple COVID-19 vaccine development programs as well as serving on the WI State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee for COVID-19 vaccines.


“One of our greatest speakers presenting an important topic with humor and wisdom.”

“Excellent topic and excellent presentation. Clarified a great deal of misinformation on the topic of people opting out of having their children immunized.” 

“Excellent topic and excellent authoritative speaker.”

“He was captivating and in command of content. He did a great job, I thought, making complex issues easy to understand for lay people.”

– The Rotary Club of Milwaukee event attendees


Comprehending Incomprehension: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccines represent one of the most important other public health interventions in history. However, increasing numbers of people question the importance of these lifesaving measures, leaving vulnerable populations and individuals. Understanding the importance of community immunity, the causes of vaccine hesitancy, and approaches to communication are critical to managing this public health threat.

Facing the Challenge of Rapidly Developing COVID-19 Vaccines
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From Local to Global: Promoting Community Immunity in the Time of COVID?
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