Portrait Photograph of Ilia Guzei

Ilia Guzei

Distinguished Scientist

College of Letters & Science l Department of Chemistry

Ilia Guzei obtained his Masters at Moscow State University in 1992, and his PhD in Chemistry at Wayne State University in 1996. He has worked as a crystallographer since and has authored or co-authored over 550 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I run the annual state-wide Wisconsin Crystal Growing Contest.


Discovery and Significance of X-rays

Ilia Guzei will discuss how and when X-Rays were discovered by Roentgen and how they have impacted our lives since 1895. This discovery was embraced by the general public and scientists. Many interesting facts and historical context are provided.

Crystal Growing Techniques

Ilia Guzei will talk about methods for visual and analytical examination of crystals are discussed and illustrated with videos, providing a clear explanation of why scientists study crystals.

How to Organize a Successful Crystal Growing Contest

Ilia Guzei will provide strategies and details of organization of a very successful WI crystal growing contest are described in detail – what it takes to plan it, how to approach and acknowledge sponsors, how to publicize the event and attract participants, why students should participate and how the event promotes the Wisconsin idea.

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