Portrait Photograph of Hilary Dugan

Hilary Dugan

Assistant Professor

College of Letters and Science | Center for Limnology

Dr. Dugan is a limnologist who studies how terrestrial and atmospheric changes, such as warming air temperatures or land use patterns, alter biogeochemical fluxes and aquatic processes in lakes. Her research sites span from Wisconsin to Antarctica.


Wisconsin's freshwater is getting salty

Road salt is often thought of as an ‘environmentally safe’ chemical. However, at high concentrations, chloride can alter aquatic ecosystems by stressing freshwater species, and deteriorate drinking water sources. For 70+ years, we have applied road salt to paved surfaces, without any regard for the environmental consequences. This talk will focus on long-term chloride trends and the state our lakes in Wisconsin with regard to chloride contamination. I will identify what lakes are at risk, and what is currently being done locally in Wisconsin to curtail further environmental damage.