Portrait Photograph of Glen Stanosz

Glen Stanosz

Emeritus Professor of Tree and Forest Health

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences | Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Glen prefers in-person talks.

Glen Stanosz is a Wisconsin native and Professor of Tree and Forest Health at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His research group studies the biology and management of tree diseases caused by fungi. Professor Stanosz is an award winning teacher whose students include future foresters, horticulturists, and arborists, and professionals in the green industry.

Talks by Dr. Stanosz may not be recorded.


Fantastic Fungi: Movers and Shapers of Forest Ecosystems

Summary: Fungi are often overlooked, misunderstood, and definitely underappreciated.  Yet these diverse and highly evolved organisms are critical to function of forest ecosystems.  Their varied lifestyles are suited to roles as symbiotic mutualists, nature’s recyclers, or disease-causing tree pathogens.  Fungi profoundly influence the initiation, development, composition, stability, and change of forests.

Wacky Weather and Tree Health

In recent years, weather seems to be very strongly influencing incidence and severity of tree and shrub injury and disease. Too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry…. climate appears to be changing or at least weather extremes are occurring outside of historical norms. Both direct and indirect effects of weather on woody plant health and measures to mitigate effects of weather extremes will be discussed.

Diseased, Decayed, Defective, and Dangerous: When Good Trees Go Bad
Trees provide a variety of benefits. But trees lose branches or break or fall to cause severe damage to property and injure or kill people. Landowners have legal “duty of care” for trees, including responsibility to obtain expert assistance when appropriate. Learn how qualified arborists assess tree risk by estimating likelihood of tree failure and impact, and the consequences to property and people.