Gavin Luter

Managing Director

UniverCity Alliance | COWS

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Gavin comes with 15 years of experience brokering university/community partnerships. Having previously served as Director of Wisconsin Campus Compact, he is conversant in catalyzing and maintaining reciprocal partnerships with external groups. He also has expertise in K-12 urban school improvement, community-based participatory research, the Wisconsin Idea, urban history, and community schools. He received his PhD from University at Buffalo in Educational Administration, a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration from University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Public and Urban Affairs at Virginia Tech. He has also worked for the United Way, so he brings a perspective of nonprofit funding and collective impact.


  • Learn about the many ways the Wisconsin Idea comes to life in communities across the state through local government/UW-Madison partnerships

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