Freya Mowat's headshot.

Freya Mowat

Assistant Professor

School of Veterinary Medicine | Department of Surgical Sciences

Hometown: Kendal, Cumbria, UK

Freya Mowat grew up in the UK and attended veterinary school in Bristol and completed her Ph.D in Molecular Genetics at UCL in London. She trained as a veterinary ophthalmologist at Michigan State University in addition to performing postdoctoral research in dog vision and treatment for blinding diseases. Her current research focuses on companion dog vision, healthy aging and how dog aging and cohabiting aging trajectories are related, to examine risk factors for unhealthy aging of both species.


Dog vision and visual behavior

Curious what your dog sees? Why do they watch certain things on the TV? Does their vision change as they age? Learn more about the canine that shares your couch!

The canine in the coalmine - pet dogs as sentinels for human aging risk factors

Dogs share our homes and lifestyles and live a substantially shorter life than us. Learn how researchers are exploring ways to define risk factors for unhealthy aging in people by studying the companion dogs in the home.

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