Faith Reyes

Dairy Outreach Specialist

Division of Agriculture | Agriculture Institute, Dairy and Livestock Program Area

Hometown: Durand, WI

Faith Reyes is a Dairy Outreach Specialist in the Division of Extension at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She completed B.S. in Animal Science at UW-River Falls and her M.S. at Colorado State University in livestock behavior and welfare, where she evaluated the welfare-related implications of liver abscesses in beef cattle. She earned her PhD in Dairy Science at UW-Madison where her research focused on management strategies to reduce resource competition and understand feed efficiency in dairy cattle. In her current role, she works to understand dairy farmers’ needs to provide directed, beneficial education programs involving animal handling and management topics. She serves as a bridge between the novel research taking place at the university level and the dairy industry by communicating research outcomes and applicable on-farm solutions.


Animal Handling Principles
A general overview of livestock handling principles to promote a low-stress, safe, and efficient environment for both animals and people.
Connecting applied research to practical, on-farm opportunities and solutions
How does technical research connect to on-farm practical information that can assist dairy farmers and the industry? Plus, how can dairy farmers and the industry inform research?
Managing the feed bunk from a behavior perspective
Feed bunk management is a critical aspect of caring for dairy cattle. Specific considerations, such as reducing competition and overstocking, have important animal welfare and nutritional implications to keep in mind.