Eric Sandgren


School of Veterinary Medicine | Pathobiological Sciences

Hometown: Janesville

Eric Sandgren was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, and then spent eight very enjoyable years as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. After receiving Veterinary and PhD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, he returned to Madison where science first became exciting to him, as a member of the faculty at the School of Veterinary Medicine. While in this position, he studied cancer genetics using mice, but also became responsible for the regulation of animal use in research. He now combines his background in research, veterinary medicine, and bioethics to lead discussions about how to decide when and if it can be appropriate to use animals for this purpose.


A Civil Conversation about Animals in Research

Believe it or not, most of us share common ground on even the most contentious subjects. Sharing his experiences as a vegetarian, a biomedical scientist, and a teacher of animal research ethics and regulation, Dr. Sandgren describes how to think and talk about this controversial part of science in a way that is accurate, open, and respectful of different views about the the place of animals in our society.