Emily Machado's headshot

Emily Machado

Assistant Professor

School of Education | Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Emily Machado studies the teaching and learning of literacy in multilingual early childhood classrooms. One strand of her research explores the ways in which young children use the breadth of their communicative resources (e.g., languages, literacies, cultural practices) in and through their writing. She also explores how early childhood teachers enact justice-driven language and literacy pedagogies. A former first grade teacher, she is deeply interested in making classroom spaces more equitable, inclusive, and humanizing for all young children.


The Power of our Names

Although names play a critical role in early literacy and language learning, the names of children who are linguistically and/or racially minoritized are often changed or mispronounced in schools. In this workshop, we’ll explore how an inquiry into names can strengthen community and belonging in early childhood and elementary classrooms.

Centering Multilingualism in the Literacy Classroom

Students bring many resources into their literacy classrooms, including knowledge of languages beyond English. In this workshop, we’ll explore practical ways educators can center multilingualism to deepen literacy learning and support community belonging.

Connecting with Families and Communities

Families and communities are children’s first teachers. How can educators build meaningful and reciprocal relationships with them? In this workshop, we’ll explore historical and contemporary understandings of family and community relationships, and design practical ways of connecting with families within and beyond schools.

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