Liz Jesse's headshot

Elizabeth Jesse

Science Outreach Specialist

UW Biotechnology Center and UW-Madison Division of Extension | BioTrek Outreach

Hometown: Madison, WI

Elizabeth (Liz) Jesse is a Science Outreach Specialist at the UW Biotechnology Center. Liz worked as a middle and high school classroom teacher for ten years, at both public and public charter schools in the Sheboygan Area. She also has experience working in the private sector as a pharmaceutical lab technician. Liz’s outreach focuses on designing and implementing curriculum for biology and chemistry workshops for the public with an emphasis on K-12 students. Liz is an active member of the UW Madison Science Alliance group. She is also on the planning committee for the Science Expeditions campus open house and the Madison Expanding Your Horizons girls’ STEM conference.


Alien Blood: Crime Scene Investigation Workshop
The Alien Blood crime scene investigation is a time-tested activity that engages students in the act of empirical science through use of standard molecular biology tools and techniques that include micropipettes and gel electrophoresis.
Chymosin and Cheese Making Workshop: Designing an Experiment to Test a Product of Gene Splicing
Chymosin is the protein that is used to give cheese its firm texture, but can science duplicate the required variables OUTSIDE of a cow’s stomach?
Doing DNA: The Code of Life Workshop
Explore DNA, the code of life! You will test a sample of stringy, highly-purified DNA to make sure that it’s not just cotton. You’ll extract DNA glop from wheat seeds and you’ll build a model of single-stranded DNA.