Portrait Photograph of Edward M. Hubbard

Edward Hubbard

Assistant Professor

Department of Educational Psychology

Edward M. Hubbard is an Assistant Professor at UW–Madison, where he directs the Educational Neuroscience Lab. His research explores questions at the intersection of education and neuroscience, in the emerging field of Educational Neuroscience. His lab studies the neural underpinnings of cognitive processes that are relevant for education, and the role of educational experiences as a primary driver of brain plasticity to create the neural circuits that underlie human specific abilities.


  • On the Genesis of Exact Number Ideas: How Education Builds Brain Circuts for Exact Number
  • The Cross-Activation Theory at Ten: Substantial Progress, Future Challenges
  • Integration of Quantities, Symbols and Space in Parietal Cortex: Implications for Education
  • Synaesthesia as a Window into Human Nature
  • On the Origins of Human-Specific Numerical Abilities
  • Number Lines: From Synaesthesia to Education and Back