Dorothea Salo's headshot

Dorothea Salo

Distinguished Teaching Faculty III

College of Letters & Science l Information School

Hometown: Madison, WI

Dorothea Salo teaches about digital information in the iSchool at UW-Madison: everything from online privacy and security to relational-database design. She has also built “Recover Analog and Digital Data” (RADD) to save personal, family, and community history in Wisconsin from decaying 20th-century media such as VHStapes and floppy disks. Her professional interests include copyright, scholarly communication, and digital preservation.


Privacy and Security Online
Heard about data breaches? Concerned about identity theft? Don’t like being tracked online? Concerned for children or elders in your care? Bring your concerns for a frank discussion of online privacy and security, and workable tips to improve them.
Saving Our Electronic History
How 20th century Wisconsin history is hostage to deteriorating and obsolete electronic audio, video, and digital media technologies, and the art and science of saving that history for future generations. Which media technologies are most at risk? How does technology decay touch Wisconsin families and communities? Who is working on this problem in Wisconsin? How can you be part of the solution?
Your History: Audio, Video, and Digital
If you are like many Wisconsinites, your family history has gradually moved from analog (photographs, letters, keepsakes) to electronic (audio, film, and video) to digital (websites, social-media accounts, files in the cloud). Learn how to ensure your family’s A/V and digital history doesn’t disappear in a pile of tape dust or a cloud of pixels!
Libraries and Privacy
Conspicuously unlike online information sources, librarians decided a century ago that seeking information needed privacy for maximum intellectual freedom. How is that going these days? How are librarians living up to their promises, and what about today’s information environment prevents them from doing so?