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Dexter Patterson

Social Media and Digital Specialist

Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Dexter Patterson serves as the social and digital media specialist for the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association. He has experience working as a blogger, content marketer, digital marketer, podcaster, motivator, and corporate trainer.

He is a UW–Madison grad with a Bachelor of Science in Life Science Communication and Digital Studies and has a Masters Degree from Purdue University in Communication and Media Studies He is a proud husband and father of 4 beautiful girls.


Social Media 101: "The Secrets to Success Online"

Social Media 101: “The Secrets to Success Online” is dedicated to helping brands win with their social media marketing. This hour-long presentation will reveal the secrets I’ve learned building successful social media strategies for major brands throughout my career as a social media expert.

Whether you’re just looking to learn more about social media marketing, increase brand awareness, enhance audience engagement, or drive sales, this presentation will show you how to create a social media strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.

Let’s Talk Digital! #DigitalDex

The Power of Social Influence
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