Portrait Photograph of Dean Sommer

Dean Sommer

Cheese Technologist

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences | Center for Dairy Research

Hometown: Neenah, WI

Dean has worked at the Center for Dairy Research for the last 19 years, serving as a technical resource to Wisconsin cheese manufacturers and their customers. Prior to that Dean worked for 18 years at Alto Dairy in Waupun, Wisconsin, at the time the largest cheese plant in the state. Dean obtained a MS degree in Food Science from UW-Madison.


How Wisconsin Became the Cheese State. The History of How UW-Madison Supported the Dairy in Cheese Industry from 1890 to the Present.
Discussion of the history of the dairy/cheese industry in Wisconsin. Showcasing the support UW-Madison has provided to the dairy/cheese industry beginning in 1890 until the present. Discussion of how the UW Center for Dairy Research continues to support this vital industry in Wisconsin. Taste testing of some of the best Wisconsin cheese varieties.