Portrait Photograph of David J. Gagnon

David Gagnon

Instructional Designer

Department of Games+Learning+Society | Mobile Learning Incubator

David J. Gagnon is the program manager of the Mobile Learning Incubator, a team of designers, developers and researchers at UW–Madison who are exploring the intersections of place, games and design through prototyping. David also directs the ARIS Project, an open-source tool and global community that produces locative games and data collection activities. Additionally, David in an instructional designer with the ENGAGE program where he collaborates with faculty to leverage new media for teaching and learning. David has an B.S in computer science, an M.S in curriculum and instruction and has managed numerous educational media projects over the last 6 years, specializing in computer simulation, gaming and mobile media.


What Teachers Can Learn From Rock Band, Facebook, and Angry Birds

A rapid-fire investigation into how popular media is often saturated in emerging learning theory and how designers have responded with educational video games, social media and mobile apps.

Approximate Length of Talk: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Game Design 101

From Braid to Black Ops, videogame design has many consistant goals, approaches and vocabulary. In this session we will unpack a dozen elements that feed into how games are designed and what constitutes successful design.

Approximate Length of Talk: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling (ARIS)

ARIS is an open-source tool for creating location aware tours, stories and games. In a talk, we can look at exciting uses in Higher-Education Institutions, Museums, Informal programs. In a workshop, participants can have a hands-on experience with building and playing games.

Approximate Length of Talk: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Game Production 101

Building a game, whether electronic or not, it a uniquely challenging endeavor. In this session we will look at design processes and production workflows that involve the player early and keep the team moving forward.

Approximate Length of Talk: 45 minutes to 1 hour