Darcie Moore's headshot

Darcie Moore

Associate Professor

School of Medicine and Public Health | Department of Neuroscience

Hometown: Dennison, OH

Dr. Moore began her career as an opera singer, later going back to school to obtain her PhD in Neuroscience and beginning her research in regeneration of the brain and spinal cord. Her research spans studying mechanisms driving the regeneration of long processes called axons through the spinal cord and optic nerve of adults after injury, and increasing the production of newborn neurons in the adult brain.


Does the adult brain make new neurons?

How do we determine if the adult brain has the ability to make new neurons? Many studies have been performed, each with their own technical limitations, trying to answer this question. In the media, one week “there are newborn neurons made in the brain!”, another “sorry, there are no new neurons made in the brain!” Where do we stand with this question, and why is it so hard to answer? And does it matter?