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Daniel Young

Professor of Entomology and Director, UW Insect Research Collection

Department of Entomology | Russell Laboratories

Hometown: Kalamazoo/Portage, MI

From 1996 to present I have served as UW-Madison Professor of Entomology with a (75%) teaching, (20%) research (20%), (5%) WIRC Directorship position. My expertise includes field and collections based research in the areas of insect systematics/taxonomy, phylogeny, natural history, and biodiversity with an emphasis on Coleoptera (beetles). I have been directly associated with all aspects of entomological research collections since my first curatorial hourly position as a sophomore undergraduate. In addition to serving as Director of the WIRC, I am Co-Chair of the UW Natural History Museums Council and serve as liaison between the internationally recognized Entomological Collections Network and Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections. I have visited and conducted taxonomic research in entomological research collections across North America and around the world.

Dr. Young prefers in-person talks only.


Taxonomy, Natural History and Conservation of Wisconsin Fireflies

An overview of the species diversity of WI fireflies along with natural history, an overview of bioluminescence and its significance in firefly evolution, and conservation concerns.

Fire beetles, fireflies, and everything beetles (+)

Overview of beetle diversity and general biology

Baby Steps: Toward an Understanding of Wisconsin’s Beetle (Coleoptera) Diversity

A rather detailed taxonomic overview of Wisconsin’s beetle diversity – what we know, what large tasks remain.

More topics available upon request

Dr. Young is happy to develop other talks he is able, per requested topics within his area of expertise.