Portrait Photograph of Dale Mohr

Dale Mohr

Associate Professor

Division of Extension | Oconto

Hometown: Fox Point, WI

Professor Mohr was born in the North-shore of Milwaukee, attended University Wisconsin-Milwaukee for BA in History and Political Science and a MUP In Urban Planning. Professor Mohr has been employed in sector of land use planning for seven years and at the University Extension for 16. His program focus has been around group capacity building, local issue/concerns identification and strategies to address them, and land use laws and compliance with them.


Open Networks in Environmental Initiatives

Instead of using a strategy design process (Strategic Planning) that relies on a hierarchical structure or “top down” structure for success, consider adding two additional tools to your box that rely almost entirely on Open Networks of people working together as equals. As a practitioner, I have not yet perfected the two models of “Strategic Doing” nor “Collective Impact”, but taking their guidance I have had some success in addressing environmental concerns within Oconto County.

Land Use Planning and Local Plan Commission Development

Smart Growth Planning in Wisconsin had a carrot and stick approach to getting every community to conduct localized planning. No longer titled “Smart Growth” and much of the stick has been removed for the smallest communities, many are still obligated to update their plans every 10 years as a minimum. What process is best for you to follow?