Portrait Photograph of Curt Bronkhorst

Curt Bronkhorst


College of Engineering l Engineering Physics Department

Hometown: Waupun, WI

Professor Bronkhorst grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Madison with engineering and mathematics degrees and continued to MIT for graduate school. He has worked in research for industry, a DOE national laboratory and is well experienced in different facets of education, research, and business. He now leads a theoretical and computational mechanics of materials group which focuses upon computational descriptions of metallic material behavior. Outreach to state industry and education partners is of strong interest.


Research and Education as Opportunity Creators

Within a globally competitive environment on most fronts of society, the role of education and technological innovation is more important than ever.

A Discussion on Leadership

Leadership is a skill which is built upon the principles of caring for people, duty, and responsible vision. This talk instigates discussion on what it means to be a responsible and effective leader in a rapidly changing environment in both business and public forums.