Portrait Photograph of Claire Erickson

Claire Erickson

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Medicine | Geriatrics

Hometown: Mundelein, IL

Claire Erickson is a graduate student in the Neuroscience and Public Policy Program. She focuses on modifiable factors of Alzheimer’s disease. Claire hopes to integrate her background in Alzheimer’s research with a career in aging and long-term policy.


Dementia Capable Care

Today, 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia. Estimates suggest this number will triple by 2050, meaning 13.8 million Americans will be living with AD dementia. While many research approaches focus on identifying individuals most at risk for going on to develop AD dementia, long-term care and aging policies target individuals already experiencing symptoms of dementia. To accommodate the burgeoning aging population, policies must provide support for individuals already living with dementia AND incorporate scientific findings to support people at risk for developing dementia that may be able to alter their disease trajectory.