Chuck Nicholson

Associate Professor

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences | Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences

Hometown: San Diego, CA

I am an agricultural economist who contributes core economic perspectives on food system issues relevant to society, often working closely with other disciplines and using integrative systems approaches. My research program focuses on the economics of three thematic areas under the umbrella of food systems analysis: 1) Production, marketing and supply chain systems for dairy in US and low-income country settings;2) Economic and environmental analysis of supply chains for controlled environment agriculture (CEA;e.g., greenhouses, vertical farms), and 3) Analysis of the determinants of food security outcomes in low- and middle-income country settings.


The role of exports for Wisconsin's dairy economy

Wisconsin set a goal of increasing dairy exports by 25% in five years. How attainable is that goal and what are the implications for America’s Dairyland?

What's the future of vertical farms and controlled-environment agriculture?

Vertical farms and other types of controlled-environment agriculture have received a lot of attention in the press and from investors. What are their advantages and disadvantages and what is the likely future trajectory of this type of farming over the next decade?