Portrait Photograph of Christine Seroogy

Christine Seroogy

Associate Professor

School of Medicine | Pediatrics

Hometown: Green Bay

Christine Seroogy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics. Christine grew up in Green Bay and received a BS in Microbiology from UW–Madison. She completed her medical education at the University of Minnesota, UC San Diego, Harvard Medical School, UC San Francisco and Stanford. She joined the faculty at UW–Madison in 2003. She cares for children with immune deficiencies and her research is focused on understanding how environments shape the immune system.


The Allergy Epidemic: The Meaning of Clean Living and our Immune System

This talk discusses Seroogy’s laboratory work studying the impact of Wisconsin dairy farming exposures on the developing immune system.

Health Care Delivery to Wisconsin Plain Populations

Wisconsin has the fourth largest Amish population in our country- and provision of health care in these rural communities is both challenging and highly rewarding.