Portrait Photograph of Catherine Smith

Catherine Arnott Smith


The Information School

Hometown: Iowa City, IA and Winchester, MA

Catherine Arnott Smith has been a Professor at the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 2006. She has master’s degrees in library science, American History, and information science, and a PhD in Library & Information Science/Medical Informatics. She is interested in medical information interactions by consumers with clinical information systems, documents, and vocabularies, in spaces that range from patient portals to Web-based bulletin boards, public libraries, archives and college disability student services.


Family Health Information, Patient Portals, and You
Are you working with personal health information as you research your family tree? Or are you the family archivist struggling to manage documentation of diagnoses from a previous century? In this talk, Professor Smith will explain the origins and evolution of disease naming, coding and classification and show you methods to translate your family health information into modern terms for increased understanding.