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C. Dustin Rubinstein

Director of Advanced Genome Editing Laboratory

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education | Biotechnology Center

Hometown: Lombard, IL

Dustin Rubinstein is the Director of the Advanced Genome Editing Laboratory within the UW-Madison Biotechnology Center. As the leader of the CRISPR-focused core laboratory, he collaborates with hundreds of investigators to effectively drive their work forward using CRISPR. This includes using genome edited tools to better understand the genetics that drive disease and to develop novel therapies to combat disease.


Genome editing and the next generation of therapeutics

The ability to edit the genome has opened countless exciting new doors in biomedicine. This includes quick new methods to identify the pathways that contribute to tumor malignancy, strategies to bioengineer solutions to the organ donor crisis, and avenues to change patient’s genomes to overcome genetic disease. This talk will outline the work being done on campus that advances these promises of genome editing.

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