Portrait Photograph of Bret Larget

Bret Larget


College of Letters & Science | Department of Botany, Department of Statistics

Hometown: Wauwatosa

Bret Larget is Professor in the Departments of Statistics and of Botany at UW–Madison. His research interests include collaborations with biologists from many fields and, in particular, the development of statistical methods to better understand evolution. He teaches statistics graduate students how to consult with scientists and teaches biologists how to do data analysis. He currently serves as faculty co-chair on the Committee on Women in the University. As a third generation graduate of Wauwatosa East High School, Professor Larget maintains ties to his home community.


Statistical Evidence for Common Ancestry Among Primates
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Why Reconstructing Evolutionary History from DNA Sequences Impact your Health, Why the FDA banned Triclosan in Soap, and More
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