Bradley Bolling

Associate Professor

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences | Department of Food Science

Hometown: Burlington, WI

Dr. Bolling’s research focuses on the health and sustainability of foods. His group is working to understand the composition and health benefits of underutilized fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy products. Their current research focusses on improving immune health, reducing chronic inflammation, and reducing the risk of cancer and cardiometabolic diseases. Dr. Bolling is a Scientific Editor for the Journal of Food Science and Chair of the International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the Department of Food Science, including Food Preservation, Advanced Food Chemistry, and Food Bioactives.


Why does good food go bad?
Learn about the significance of food loss and waste to environmental health and climate change. We will discuss the reasons food goes bad, and practical steps to prevent food waste.
Diet and chronic inflammation
Can foods prevent inflammation? We will discuss the significance of inflammation to the development of chronic disease and the depth of evidence from research studies about diet and immune health.

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