Portrait Photograph of Bob McGrath

Bob McGrath

Distinguished Psychologist Emeritus

Mind/Body Wellness Services | University Health Services

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Bob McGrath, Psy D, ABPP is a licensed psychologist who provided Mind/Body Wellness Services at University Health Services. Bob has expertise in health psychology, positive psychology, authentic happiness, mind/body wellness and stress management. All talks can be provided with or without Powerpoint.


The Magic of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are striking… everything from improving relationships, enhancing immune system, increasing resiliency, managing stress and anxiety, and improving brain function. AND it even increases telomere length, which determines the length of our lives. How can meditation do all that? In this presentation, Bob will discuss how meditative practice can have an almost magical, positive effect on individuals. In this session, groups can request background and practice on one or more types of these forms of meditation: Loving Kindness, 7 Chakra, Mindful Meditation, Muscular Meditation, Equanimity Meditation, Chanting Om, Moving Meditation (Qi Gong), a Gratitude Meditation (that can be done around Thanksgiving, or any day of the year), Mountain, Tree, and Lake Meditation, and Humming meditation. Please indicate your preference on the event request form. This presentation is appropriate for anyone, from the beginner to the seasoned expert.

Living with Vitality: Pathways to Health and Happiness

A presentation and discussion of pathways to living a happy, healthy, meaningful life.

Approximate Length of Talk: 60 minutes, can be varied.

Thriving at Any Age: Guidelines for Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Everyone has some thoughts on strategies for living a happy and healthy life. This talk takes a look at strategies that have been shown to be effective in maintaining a healthy, satisfying life.

Approximate Length of Talk: 60 minutes, can be varied.

Thriving — In the Midst of Change

Dr. McGrath will review and discuss ten strategies for maintaining health and happiness, even in the midst of change.

Approximate Length of Talk: 60 minutes, can be varied.

Mindfulness and Meditation in Times of Stress

This presentation covers the many benefits and challenges of living mindfully. Strategies and pathways for mindfully savoring life will be discussed. Meditation can assist with mindfulness and presentation will include a review and experience of different types of meditation – Grounding Meditation, Mindful Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Muscular Meditation, and Moving Meditation.

Approximate Length of Talk: 60 minutes, can be varied.

Resilience in Times of Stress

Stress Happens! Dr. McGrath will discuss a range of strategies you can use to increase your resilience during times when the stress level in your life goes up.

Approximate Length of Talk: 60 minutes, can be varied.

The Wonderful Benefits of Gratitude and Meditation

Practicing gratitude and meditation can make a seemingly magical difference in one’s life. This talk highlights their benefits and includes exercises which can be incorporated into your everyday life.