Bob Aloisi

Graduate Student

College of Letters & Science | Department of Astronomy

Bob Aloisi has earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from UW-Madison, an MS in Paper Science from the Institute of Paper Science and Technology in Appleton, WI, an MS in Engineering Management from UW-Madison, a 2nd major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics from UW-Milwaukee, and an MS in Astronomy from UW-Madison. He is currently a 3rd year Astronomy PhD student at UW-Madison. Bob spent 29 years in the workforce developing new consumer products like wet wipes, Dixie cups, and paper towels, with 14 patents! He then retired ‘early’ and returned to school to further his love for learning. He also enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy through outreach programs such as TESS Follow-Up Observations using local telescopes and Virtual Stargazing at UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and the Yerkes Observatory.