Portrait Photograph of Bilge Mutlu

Bilge Mutlu

Assistant Professor

College of Letters & Science l College of Engineering

Dr. Mutlu is an assistant professor of computer sciences, psychology, and industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he directs the Wisconsin Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory. His research focuses on designing robotic technologies that benefit people. He teaches human-computer interaction at the undergraduate and graduate level and runs an outreach program on social robotics. Dr. Mutlu received is PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a former Fulbright Scholar and the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Career Award.


Designing Robotic Technologies that Help Us Help Ourselves

Robotic technologies promise significant benefits in many domains of life including health, learning, communication, and work. Realizing this promise requires us to combine a deeper understanding of human interaction with the development of robotic technology and to contextualize this combination in applications in key domains of life. In this talk, he will present three threads of research that target this goal. The first thread focuses on designing interactive behaviors for robots that enable more effective human-robot interaction. The second thread seeks to develop guidelines for designing robotic telepresence systems that support effective remote communication and collaboration. The last thread seeks to build applications of robotic technology that benefit people as teachers and instructors for learning, informational and motivational assistants, collaborators in space exploration, media for communication, tools for diagnosis and therapy, and experimental platforms for research.

What Can Robots Tell Us About Our Humanity?

In this talk, Bilge Mutlu will argue that it is because we want to see ourselves in places we live, things we use — even technology. So robots reflect our desire to see ourselves in the technologies we use day to day.