Beth Olson

Associate Professor

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences | Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Olson has worked in community-based nutrition research and programs for 25 years, starting with positions at The Kellogg Company in research & development and marketing. She now works at UW Madison doing research and outreach to help individuals and families make the healthiest choices possible in nutrition and health.


  • As we age, we may think some changes in our health our inevitable. However, good nutrition and remaining active can help us keep strong enough to keep doing all the things we enjoy. This talk will cover the evolving research on nutrition as we age.

  • The US Dietary Guidelines are to serve as the basis for all government policy and programs on nutrition. They are recommendations for healthy eating for all Americans over the age of 2 years. But what are they, exactly? How have they changed over the years? Are they helpful for individuals? This talk will help answer these questions.

  • Recommendations on feeding babies have changed significantly in recent years. How we feed babies may have lifelong implications for their health, including diseases in infancy, allergies, and the development of obesity. What we feed babies is important-but also HOW we feed babies is important. This talk will cover the latest research on healthy feeding for babies.