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Beth Fields

Assistant Professor

School of Education | Department of Kinesiology | Geriatric Health Services Research Lab

Hometown: Monroe, WI

I am a board-certified occupational therapist, an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, and a geriatric health services and caregiving researcher. I went to Colorado State University and the University of Pittsburgh for occupational therapy and postdoctoral training. My research focuses on developing, testing and implementing person and family-centered assessments and interventions in the hospital and home settings. I’m hugely passionate about finding ways to improve the quality of care and life of aging adults and their family member or friend care partners.


Innovative Solutions for Valuing the Invaluable

By the end of this talk, you will recognize the increasing need to shift the patient and family-centered care paradigm to one that is caregiver-centered; become familiar with an evidence-supported caregiver-centered assessment and intervention for the hospital and home settings; and be able to identify policy to support the growing number of family caregivers caring for older adults.

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