Benjamin Fisher

Associate Professor of Civil Society and Community Studies

School of Human Ecology | Department of Civil Society and Community Studies

Dr. Fisher is an Associate Professor of Civil Society and Community Studies in the School of Human Ecology at UW-Madison. His research focuses on school criminalization, which is the process in which elements of the criminal justice system appear in school settings. His work has focused in particular on issues like police in schools, school security and surveillance, and school discipline, often through a lens of racial equity.


Police in Schools: What does Research Tell Us?

This presentation synthesizes the research that has been conducted on police in schools, including their impacts on school safety, and considerations of racial equity.

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Link between Suspension and Arrest

This presentation reviews a study showing that being suspended from school can increase the likelihood of being arrested, especially for students of color.

School Resource Officers' Perceptions of Threats

Drawing on interview data from two contrasting school districts, this presentation addresses what school resource officers believe the biggest threats to their schools and why they hold these beliefs. It focuses on how these beliefs differ across contexts.

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