Portrait Photograph of Araceli Alonso

Araceli Alonso


Gender and Women’s Studies | School of Medicine and Public Health

Araceli Alonso is an Associate Faculty at UW–Madison in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and the School of Medicine and Public Health, where she teaches classes on women’s health and women’s rights. Dr. Alonso is also the Founder and Director of Health by Motorbike (HbM), an NGO that provides medical services and health literacy to remote and isolated villages in Africa. For her work with women in rural Kenya, Dr. Alonso has been awarded the United Nations Public Service Award (United Nations, 2013) and the Jefferson Award for Public Service (American Institute for Public Service, 2013). In 2016, she became co-holder of the UNESCO chair at UW–Madison for Global Work on Gender, Well-Being and Peace.


The Big Power of Small Ideas

Personal and professional reflection on how innovation, working outside the comfort zone, and creating allies can turn small ideas into world changing tools. The session will focus on the Health by Motorbike, a UW-Madison Rural Health Initiative and NGO that has recently received the United Nations Public Service Award as the best world project for gender, health and sustainable development.

Approximate Length of Talk: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Human Trafficking

An analysis of the issue of human trafficking, in particular of sex trafficking, understood as “modern day slavery.” This talk will show how the local and the global are intimately connected regarding the exploitation of human beings for profit; the issue of modern day slavery will be explored as a world epidemic, as a national problem (United States) and as an increasing concern in the state of Wisconsin.

Approximate Length of Talk: 30 minutes to 1 hour


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