Portrait Photograph of Annie Lisowski

Annie Lisowski

Professor, 4-H Youth Development Educator

Division of Extension l Department of Extension Faculty, Youth Development Section

Hometown: Madison, WI

Annie Lisowski is a professor in the Department of Extension Faculty’s Section of Youth Development and a member of the Extension Civil Rights Leadership Team. Lisowski’s work centers on collaborative initiatives that engage young people in partnership with adults to address community needs. She focuses her research on resiliency, restorative justice and equity in youth civic engagement. Lisowski has an undergraduate degree in secondary education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in youth development administration from Kansas State University.


Youth Development in a Community Context

In communities, positive youth development, principles, and practices are uniquely positioned to fill gaps between academic and parental learning experiences. The presentation will focus on lessons learned from putting theory into practice in community youth development programs including how to implement positive framing, strengthen equity actions, address trauma with resiliency approaches, and learn about the connection between risky behaviors and brain development. Parents, coaches, educators and community leaders will appreciate the practical research to utilize right away with young people and families.

Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teenage Risky Behaviors

The key to successful community prevention and intervention for teenage risky behaviors is the integration of relevant data with a resiliency and social norms approach. This presentation will aim to educate audience members with research and provide authentic examples. The presentation can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of educational professionals, parents and/or students. Recent topics this presenter has developed include addressing vaping, sexting, social media and gaming use.