Ankita Bharadwaj

Radio Show Host and BIPOC Employee Retention Specialist

UW Law School | Office of Human Resources

Hometown: Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Ankita is a Radio Show Host and a Lawyer who specializes in Policy, Politics, Socio-Economic Strategy and Social Movements. She is also proficient in Content Writing, Directing and Sound Producing for Podcasts and Radio Shows.

Miss Bharadwaj’s talks can also be offered in Hindi or Urdu.

Pronouns: she/they

A small speaker fee may apply.


Feminism - How it Means Different Things to Different Populations

This talk discusses the global history of feminism and feminist movements and talks about how the word and the concept itself lands differently on different populations depending on their cultural, social, and bureaucratic history. 

How to Start Your Own Podcast or a Talk Show

This talk will talk about the basics of starting your own podcast or a talk show from scratch. From creating the theme of your podcast or your talk show to its production, this talk will explore the entire process to make it accessible and easy for anyone!

How to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion Amidst a Volatile Political Climate

This talk covers how it really is to continue working as a DEI professional and focuses on strategies to employ to continue serving diverse populations amidst unprecedent attacks on Diversity and Inclusion.

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