Portrait Photograph of Andrew Ruis

Andrew Ruis

Research Scientist

School of Education and the School of Medicine and Public Health | Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Hometown: Pacifica, California

Andrew Ruis is a research scientist in the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and a fellow in the Department of Medical History and Bioethics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is a historian, quantitative ethnographer, and learning scientist whose research spans food and nutrition; public health, health services, and medical education; environmental education and climate change; and computational methods for analyzing qualitative data.


The Past, Present, and Future of School Lunch in the United States

This talk explores the origins, impacts, and future directions of the National School Lunch Program, the longest running children’s health and social welfare initiative in U.S. history.

Simulating Complex Land-Use Problems in Local Environmental Contexts

This talk introduces iPlan, a free online game that enables teens or adults to construct, explore, and propose solutions for complex socio-environmental problems in any U.S. location. iPlan uses real data and computational models to create user-defined scenarios in just a few minutes, helping people learn to address a range of social and environmental issues in their own locations.

Climate Change Adaptation: Planning and Policy

This talk explores the rapidly accelerating efforts of governments—national, state, local, and tribal—and non-governmental entities worldwide to develop plans and policies that address the local consequences of global climate change.

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