Portrait Photograph of Andrew Kydd

Andrew Kydd


College of Letters & Science, Division of Social Sciences l Department of Political Science

Hometown: Scotia, NY

Andrew Kydd received his Ph. D. in political science from the University of Chicago in 1996 and taught at the University of California, Riverside and Harvard University before joining the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin in the fall of 2007. His interests center on the game theoretic analysis of international security issues such as war, terrorism, trust and conflict resolution. He has published articles in the American Political Science Review, International Organization, World Politics, and International Security, among other journals. His first book, Trust and Mistrust in International Relations, was published in 2005 by Princeton University Press and won the 2006 Conflict Processes Best Book Award. His second book, International Relations Theory: the Game Theoretic Approach, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2015.


Nuclear Weapons Today
Nuclear weapons are often in the news. Important developments include the growing North Korean nuclear arsenal, the Iranian nuclear deal, Chinese nuclear force modernization and US-Russian nuclear negotiations.
Terrorism Today
After major terrorist attacks, there is renewed focus on international and domestic terrorism. What will happen when the US pulls out of Afghanistan? Will it once again become a haven for terrorist groups? Will right-wing political violence continue to be a problem in the US?
The Decline of War?
Has war declined in recent decades? It has been over 70 years since an all out great power war. Is war obsolete or is this a mere statistical blip, an unremarkable pause between the last and the next large scale war.