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Andrea Strzelec

Program Director & Associate Scientist

College of Engineering | Engineering Professional Development

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

Dr. Andrea Strzelec is the Program Director for the Master of Engineering in Engine Systems and Polymer Engineering programs as well as the Capstone Certificates in Engine Design, Powertrain Electrification, and Polymer Processing & Manufacturing in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Strzelec is the current Chair for Energy & Propulsion Activity for the Society of Automotive Engineers. She is a passionate advocate for science outreach – specifically for thermodynamic and life cycle analysis of transportation energy. She was featured on PBS Wisconsin for her talk “Dirty is in the Details.”


Dirty is in the Details

There is a lot of very important discourse about the need for a cleaner and more energy efficient future. Which is fantastic! However, it can also be fanatic and lacking in scientific truth. Engine bans and “Zero Emissions” vehicles are perfect examples of this. In this talk, Dr. Strzelec focused on the details of why word choice matters when it comes to clean vehicles, and how….. “dirty” is in the details.

The road less traveled - my experience in the automotive field

The automotive field is not as diverse as I’d like to see it….. and I can think of some reasons why. I took an unusual path to get to where I am and am all the better for it. I describe my unusual educational and career trajectory, and how focusing on the things I truly enjoyed, I was able to find success.

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