Allison Jonjak's headshot.

Allison Jonjak

Cranberry Outreach Specialist

Division of Extension | Agriculture Institute

Hometown: Hayward, WI

Allison Jonjak in a cranberry marsh.

Allison grew up on a cranberry marsh founded by her grandfather in 1939. Studying ag engineering and soil chemistry, she worked with row crop farmers until the University of Wisconsin created a Cranberry Outreach Specialist position. This allowed Allison to return to her favorite state and work keeping a tight feedback loop between growers and researchers of her favorite crop.

Allison’s talks can also be offered in Polish.


A Year in the Life of a Cranberry

Learn the annual cycle that the Wisconsin-native cranberry plant progresses through–from bitter winter through blossom and picture-perfect harvest. Optional focus on agronomy, nutrition and acidic soil chemistry.

Cranberries: How Wisconsin Became Best

A crash course in how the geography, climate, sociology, and farming culture of Wisconsin combine to make the most productive cranberry region in the world.