Portrait Photograph of Alexis Eastman

Alexis Eastman

Clinical Associate Professor

School of Medicine & Public Health | Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Dr. Eastman is a geriatrician at UW, with clinics for primary care, and memory disorder diagnosis associated with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute. She currently serves as the Director of Clinical Operations for the UW geriatrics clinics, and as the medical director for the Badger Prairie Health Care Center. She is deeply involved in education, mainly in curriculum development and implementation, with research on novel educational experiences for learners at all levels, and ongoing involvement in statewide education and public outreach. Additionally, she is actively involved in developing new clinical opportunities for older adults, including pre-operative assessment and other forms of comprehensive geriatrics care.


10 Things to Know About Aging

A whirlwind tour of the physiology of aging, designed to help all audiences identify what is “normal” and what to watch out for in the aging process.

Memory Testing: What do I use & what does it mean?

A quick guideline to common memory screening tools, how reliable they are, and how to interpret their results.

Dementia: Dealing with now; Looking Forward

An adaptable talk for all audience levels on the most common types of dementia, how they are diagnosed, current treatments, and frequently-updated information on new trends in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

Not the Same Person: What to expect in dementia

An adaptable talk on the progression of dementia in terms of behaviors and function, with the option of both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches for addressing concerning behaviors.

Dementia Prevention

A brief and frequently-updated talk on the latest information on how to modify dementia risk, addressing those strategies that are evidence-supported and those that are unlikely to work.

Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health: the POSH Initiative at UW

A description of the value of comprehensive geriatric pre-operative evaluation for frail older patients, including a review of current evidence and how it has been implemented at UW hospital and could be adapted to other health systems.

Why Older People Are Awesome

A talk designed to support and engage those who volunteer and/or work with older persons, originally designed for college students, but highly adaptable to any volunteer organization.

The Neuropathology of Dementia

An overview of the basics of “what is dementia,” the most common types, diagnosis and treatment.