Badger Talks Quick Picks


Learn something new with Badger Talks Quick Picks! This virtual presentation series showcases exciting happenings, resources and talent from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus to the people of Wisconsin and beyond. It’s the Wisconsin Idea in action. UW faculty and staff present topics ranging from new robotics technologies to financial investing strategies to tapping trees for maple syrup, and everything in between.

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The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal

This talk summarizes the forthcoming State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report, which is intended to regularly inform researchers, policymakers, and practitioners on the state of progress, by systematically collecting and analyzing the vast amount of data and developments in many parts of the world. The main conclusion is that: if we are to meet the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement, scaling up novel CDR, expanding land-based CDR and the rapid reduction of emissions are urgent priorities.

May: Earth and the Environment

“Building with Nature”
with Julia Noordyk

April: Sustainable Spring Garden

“Gardening with Native Plants”
with Susan Carpenter
“Design Components for Butterfly Gardens”
with Lisa Johnson
“Spring Garden Check-Up: What You Need to Know about Invasive Jumping Worms”
with Brad Herrick

March: The UW Odyssey Project

“The Power to Change Lives: Two Decades of the UW Odyssey Project”
with Emily Auerbach
“Generations of Impact Through Odyssey”
with Emily Auerbach, Josephine Lorya, Brian and Lucas Benford, and Marisol Gonzalez Rodriguez
“Odyssey Beyond Bars: A College Jumpstart Course in Wisconsin’s Prisons”
with Peter Moreno, Kevin Mullen, and Robert Taliaferro

February: Community Partnerships Serving Wisconsin

“Empowering Progress: Dr. Fabu Carter on Bridging Research & Accessibility in Alzheimer’s Healthcare”
with Fabu Carter
“The Best of Both Worlds: Building an authentic and equitable community-academic partnership for research with legal system-impacted individuals”
with Dr. Karen Reece, Aaron Hicks, Deb Mejchar, Dr. Mike Koenigs, Dr. Dan Grupe, and Dr. Carmen Alonso
“Braiding Esperanza (hope): A sustainable engaged partnership to promote Latine mental health equity”
With Evelyn Cruz and Alyssa Ramirez Stege


“Music and the Human Spirit”
with Dan Cavanagh

November: Veterans Day

“Writing Their Way Home: Veterans’ Stories and Survival”
with Doug Bradley

October: Wisconsin Science Festival

“Beyond Fake News: Games for Learning”
with Sarah Gagnon
“Groundbreaking Research: Working with Communities to Advance Wisconsin”
with Elizabeth Tryon
“The Latest Research Around Creating Inclusive Environments”
with Markus Brauer

September: The Latest in Cardiovascular Research

“The UW-Madison Cardiovascular Research Center”
with Héctor Valdivia
“How to Mend a Broken Heart: Progress in Cardiac Regenerative Medicine Research”
with Timothy Kamp
“Heart Disease and Aortic Aneurysms: Wisconsin’s Silent Killers”
with Bo Liu

August: University of Wisconsin-Madison’s 175 Anniversary Celebration!

“LIVE From Milwaukee for UW’s 175th”

July: Astronomy

“The History of the Washburn Observatory”
with Jim Lattis
“Little Green…Molecules? What the Chemistry of Space can Tell us About Life in the Universe”
with Susanna Widicus Weaver
“Devoured Worlds: Lessons From Planet-Ingesting Stars”
with Melinda Soares-Furtado

June: Geography

“Trading Toxics in North America”
with Sarah A. Moore
“Human Mobility Analytics Using Location Big Data”
with Song Gao
“Hot Times in Cold Places: The Thawing of the  Arctic Permafrost”
with Christian Andresen

May: Wisconsin Public Television

“Russia’s War in Ukraine”
with Mikhail Troitskiy
“Buddhism and Tibet with Wisconsin Biographies”
 with Jampa Khedup and Alyssa Tsagong
“Islam and Palestine with Wisconsin Biographies”
with Janan Najeeb & PBS Education team

April: Engineering

“The Impacts of PFAs in Waters of Wisconsin”
with Christy Remucal
“Roadmap to Smart & Automated Vehicles”
with Xiaopeng Li
“New Technologies for Recycling of Plastic Waste”
with George Huber

March: Athletics

“Strength and Conditioning in Collegiate Athletics”
with Kevin Schultz
“Mental Flex: Meditation Training for Performance and Well-Being”
with Chad McGehee
“NIL and the Opportunities it has Provided for Student Athletes”
with Brian Mason

February: Division of the Arts

“The Arts for Everyone, Everywhere”
with Chris Walker
“Exploring Wellness and Belonging Through the Arts”
with Chris Walker and Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli
“The Impact of Interdisciplinary Arts”
with Shasparay Irvin and Porsha Olayiwola

Miscellaneous Talks: 2023

“Special WPR Edition: ‘Going for Broke”
with the To the Best of Our Knowledge Team
“A Wisconsin Film Festival SPECIAL 2023 Preview!”
with Ben Reiser
“Live from Green Bay: Celebrating UW’s 175th Anniversary”
with Tod Pritchard