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Henrique Nardi


University of Wisconsin – Madison | Art Department

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Henrique Nardi is an educator, designer, photographer, and visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He has Bachelor’s degrees in Graphic Design from Anhembi Morumbi (2001), Graphic Technology from SENAI (2002), and an M.F.A. in Visual Arts from UNESP (2005). Henrique currently teaches Graphic Design and Typography at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

In 2003, Henrique co-founded Tipocracia: a project which promotes a typographical culture in Brazil by way of courses, lectures, events, and the donation of books on design. So far, over 150 workshops were taught in 17 Brazilian states and abroad.

Between 2007 and 2014, Henrique taught typography at post-graduation courses at SENAC São Paulo (Graphic Design, Editorial Design, and Branding). He also developed SENAC’s post-graduation program on Typography in 2013, the first of its kind in Brazil.

Since 2008, Henrique has organized a dozen editions of DiaTipo, the Brazilian professional series of conferences on typography, in four cities (São Paulo, Recife, Brasília, and Salvador). Later editions took place online. He is also the curator of Caixa de Letras (Letter Box), an exhibition about the presence of typography in our daily lives (Brasília, 2011 & São Paulo, 2015).

After moving to the United States, Henrique got involved with the making of murals in Madison: Try A Little Tenderness (2016) was designed with Cyla Costa and Jackson Alves as an homage to soul singer Otis Redding. Better Together (2018) was created with Flavia Zimbardi and Caetano Calomino. In 2020, the Madison Mural was designed with Liubov Szwako, and the Truth Is Powerful, an artwork envisioned by NY-based artist Jenny Holzer, was painted on the side of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art with the help of UW-Madison students. His latest work is called the Northstreet Mural. Painted in the Fall of 2022, it depicts a roller skater and a cyclist on the sides of a new bakery/brewery/coffee spot.

Professor Nardi’s talk can also be offered in Portuguese.


Tipocracia: teaching type in Brazil

“Tipocracia: typographic state” is an educational project created in 2003 by Henrique Nardi to promote typographic culture in Brazil through courses, lectures, events, and the donation of books on design. Since then, over 150 workshops were taught in seventeen Brazilian states and abroad.

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