Daniel Einstein

Program Manager, Historic and Cultural Resources

Facilities Planning and Management | Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture

Daniel works on the UW-Madison campus helping to manage historic buildings, archaeological sites and the public art collection. He has a keen interest in the cultural landscape-the interaction of people and the land.


  • An exploration of Muir’s life in Wisconsin, and his time in Madison while attending the University of Wisconsin.

  • Trace the landscape transitions from military encampment to veterans memorial. Learn about the parks cannons, memorial arch, and peculiar guardhouse.

  • An exploration of the university’s most significant national historic landmark buildings: North Hall, Red Gym, Science Hall and the Dairy Barn.

  • The Brittingham family has made a lasting mark on Madison and Wisconsin–from city and state parks, to the Lincoln statue on the UW-Madison campus to a world class art museum, to cutting edge research support that brought us Warfarin and break-through cancer treatments.